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Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Women recount horror of life under ISIS. ISIS survivor tells her story. Iraq forces and ISIS exchange gunfire. ISIS’ battle tactics. ISIS hates this religious group the most. Iraqis recount horrors of being human shields for ISIS.

‘They Wish Me Dead.’ Convict In ISIS Case Faces Backlash For Helping Feds

Their alleged aim is to raise money by offering bogus personal protective equipment at a time of desperate shortages. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi must fix a coronavirus-hit economy and crumbling infrastructure – and keep his U. Prosecutors said the group had already obtained firearms and ammunition to carry out their attacks, while the suspected ringleader had ordered materials to build an explosive device.

The massive rally is the latest manifestation of rage against Trump’s decision to blow up an Iranian general in Baghdad.

ISIS accused of selling fake PPE online to finance terrorism. Their alleged aim is to raise money by offering bogus personal protective equipment at a time of.

Asia 04 Aug GMT. Afghan forces say they have retaken prison after at least 29 were killed in hours-long battle following ISIL-claimed attack on the facility. Europe 31 Jul GMT. Judge says highest court should consider ‘ISIL bride’ case as it raises ‘points of law of general public importance’. Some 2, survivors of torture, rape and other abuses now live with severe physical illnesses, psychological distress. Desperate families in the Sahelian country are plagued by a double burden that has left many displaced and destitute.

The former US national security adviser discusses ongoing international conflicts and his approach to foreign policy. Europe 16 Jul GMT. Europe 03 Jul GMT. Shaikh was planning a bomb attack at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, a nearby hotel and an underground train station. Drugs 01 Jul GMT. A tonne haul of amphetamines found hidden inside industrial goods in three container ships docked in southern Italy. Human Rights Watch report says Canadians being arbitrarily detained in ‘filthy and inhuman’ conditions.

Why Women Join ISIS

This story was supported by the Pulitzer Center. Her two young brothers-in-law made fun with their faces. Her mother-in-law did gurgling sounds. All of them were trying to make her baby open his mouth wide enough to sneak in a spoonful of cough syrup. The simmering pot of vegetables and fish would be ready and the family would gather for supper.

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Iraq’s Post-ISIS Campaign of Revenge

The killing of al-Baghdadi marks a significant foreign policy success for Trump, coming at one of the lowest points in his presidency as he is mired in impeachment proceedings and facing widespread Republican condemnation for his Syria policy. The recent pullback of U. Planning for the operation began two weeks ago, Trump said, after the U. Eight military helicopters landed at the compound and were met by gunfire, Trump said.

Trump vividly described the raid and took extensive questions from reporters. He said U.

ISIS members and fighters seek brides on ‘dating websites’ in a new left their countries to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

By December it had lost 95 percent of its territory, including its two biggest properties, Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, and the northern Syrian city of Raqqa, its nominal capital. The following is a timeline of the rise, spread and and fall of the Islamic State. It faded into obscurity for several years after the surge of U. But it began to reemerge in Over the next few years, it took advantage of growing instability in Iraq and Syria to carry out attacks and bolster its ranks.

In , ISIS expanded into a network of affiliates in at least eight other countries. Its branches, supporters, and affiliates increasingly carried out attacks beyond the borders of its so-called caliphate.

Genocide of Yazidis by ISIL

After storming a holiday party in San Bernardino with her husband, Malik joins a string of women linked to recent high-profile attacks in the West for which ISIS has claimed credit. Her peers include Hasna Aitboulahcen, who sheltered the alleged mastermind of the recent Paris attacks before both died in the raid to capture him, as well as Hayat Boumeddiene, who fled to ISIS-held territory as her partner Amedy Coulibaly killed a policewoman and lay siege to a supermarket in Paris on the heels of the Charlie Hebdo attack in January.

The facts are clear: women can be terrorists, too. Yet, the phenomenon still seems to shock and tropes about female passivity and domesticity hold firm. Take the case of Malik: authorities are probing the time she spent living in Saudi Arabia and at university in her native Pakistan, unsure who in the couple instigated the attack.

The MVTS companies would then settle their business at a later date, either through a physical cash payment or a banking transaction. Since.

All rights reserved. In this 13th-century B. Archaeologists working in London in might have been surprised. When they discovered a first-century A. But this goddess proved popular enough to transcend her original Egyptian centers of worship and expand to all corners of the known world. Isis was loved by ancient Egyptians for her fierce devotion to her husband Osiris and her son Horus.

ISIS, Radicalization and the Gendered Online Jihad

Inside the sparsely furnished town house, news crews trained their cameras on the dirty dishes that filled the kitchen sink and the Arabic-language books that were stacked in a closet. Today the Islamic State is as much a media conglomerate as a fighting force. All terrorist groups seek to cultivate this kind of image, of course, because their power derives from their ability to inspire dread out of proportion to the threats they actually pose.

But the Islamic State has been singularly successful at that task, thanks to its mastery of modern digital tools, which have transformed the dark arts of making and disseminating propaganda. Never before in history have terrorists had such easy access to the minds and eyeballs of millions.

READ MORE: Suspect’s alleged statements about ISIS led to terrorism followed a Canadian Security Intelligence Service investigation into her alleged “While no evidence of attack planning has been found to date, other.

ISIS is a powerful terrorist militant group that has seized control of large areas of the Middle East. Infamous for its brutal violence and murderous assaults on civilians, this self-described caliphate has claimed responsibility for hundreds of terrorist attacks around the world, in addition to destroying priceless monuments, ancient temples and other buildings, and works of art from antiquity.

The U. When Zarqawi was killed during a U. When the civil war in Syria started, ISI fought against Syrian forces and gained ground throughout the region. The group focused on creating an Islamic state and implementing sharia law—a strict religious code based on traditional Islamic rules and practices. In , ISIS took control of Falluja, Mosul and Tikrit in Iraq, and declared itself a caliphate, which is a political and religious territory ruled by a leader known as a caliph.

ISIS fighters attacked a northern town in Iraq that was home to the Yazidis, a minority religious group, in August

Her War: Women vs. ISIS (RT Documentary)

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